Election results will be certified by Dec. 8

SAN LUIS OBISPO — The San Luis Obispo County Elections Office released its updated Election Summary Report on Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 12:28 a.m., stating there have been 58,096 votes counted out of 182,291 registered voters — 51,200 vote-by-mail, 6,896 provisional. The General Election was held on Nov. 8.

Following Election Day, the SLO County Clerk-Recorders office will count last-minute vote-by-mail ballots — these are ballots that arrive the day before or on Election Day by mail, returned at a polling place, or deposited in a Ballot Drop Box. They will also be counting postmarked vote-by-mail ballots — these are ballots postmarked before election day that arrive seven days after the election. Lastly, the Clerk-Recorder’s office will verify signatures and remaining ballots.

According to the SLO County Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano, her office will typically certify the election within 30 days after the election.


With just over 30 percent of ballots counted, it is still too soon to call the races, but here is what we have so far for our North County races.


The City of Atascadero had two open at-large seats on their council and mayor up for election.

As of 12:28 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 9, current City of Atascadero Councilmembers Heather Newsom with 43.37 percent, and Susan Funk with 42.86 percent, look like they will both win their re-election for the two open seats on the council. Bret Heinemann is following behind with 13.49 percent of the vote.

City of Atascadero Mayor candidate Heather Moreno, running unopposed for re-election has 99 percent of the vote.

City of Atascadero Treasurer candidate Gere Sibbach, also running unopposed for re-election has 99 percent of the vote.

The Atascadero Unified School District had nine candidates running for four spots on the trustee board. Top results show Tracy Ellis-Weit with 15.44 percent, Vy Pierce with 14.58 percent, Rebekah Koznek with 11.97 percent, and Denise McGrew Kane with 11.80 percent of the vote.

Other trustee candidate results are Tami Gunther (running for re-election) with 11.27 percent, Dan Hathaway with 10.52 percent, George Shoemaker (running for re-election) has 9.77 percent, Scott Staton with 9.03 percent, and Chris Collins with 5.55 percent of the vote.


The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District had 10 people vying for three trustee area seats and one at-large seat. In Trustee Area 2, Joel Peterson ran unopposed and was not on the ballot.

As of Election night, in Trustee Area 1, results are Jim Cogan with 48.26 percent, Chris Arend with 27.28 percent, and Peter Byrne with 24.45 percent.

In Trustee Area 4, results are Sondra Williams leading with 42.74 percent, Frank Triggs with 35.07 percent, and Catherine Reimer with 21.98 percent.

Finally, the at-large seat shows Adelita Hiteshew leading with 38.33 percent. Close behind is Laurene D. McCoy with 36.13 percent and Jim Irving with 25.48 percent.

As of 12:28 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 9, current District 1 Paso Robles City Councilmember John Hamon came in with 98 percent of the votes, running unopposed. District 2 Paso Robles City Councilmember Chris Bausch, also running unopposed, came in with 99 percent of the vote.

Paso Robles City Mayor candidates Michael Rivera currently has 43.12 percent of the vote, and current City Mayor Steve Martin is looking to win his re-election with 56.78 percent.

As for Measure E-22, Appointive City Treasurer, failed with 58.55 percent. And Measure F-22, Paso Robles Quality of Life/Community Safety Measure, passed with 60.24 percent.


Templeton Unified School District had two open seats on its board. As of 12:28 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 8, taking the seats are Janel Armet with 27.93 percent and Jennifer Grinager with 25.19 percent. Following behind them are Matt Allison with 23.97 percent and Jason Tesarz with 10.34 percent.


  • District 2 SLO County Supervisor — Currant District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson leads the race with 52.97 percent. His competitor Bruce Jones follows behind with 47.20 percent.
  • State Governor — Current State Governor Gavin Newsom leads the race with 53.79 percent against Republican Brian Dahle with 46.21 percent. 
  • State Senator — Democrat Alex Padilla leads with a 55.47 percent against Republican Mark Meuser with 44.53 percent.
  • State Representative, 19th District — Republican Jeff Gorman leads with 52.17 percent against Democrat Jimmy Panetta with 47.83 percent.
  • State Representative, 24th District — Democrat Salud Carbajal leads with 60.95 percent against Republican Brad Allen with 39.05 percent.
  • State Assembly, 30th District — Democrat Dawn Addis leads with 54.18 percent against Vicki Nohrden with 45.82 percent.
  • State Assembly, 37th District — Republican Mike Stoker leads with 51.11 percent, followed by Democrat Gregg Hart with 48.89 percent.

To see the full results for local and national, visit pasoroblespress.com and atascaderonews.com or slovote.com.

Remaining Ballots to be counted by District in North County as of Wednesday, Nov. 9:

  • CITY OF PASO ROBLES — 13,020