Companies Partner to Launch ‘Soils First’ Solutions for Ag Developments

BAKERSFIELD — The Holloway Group today announced it has acquired a strategic stake in California AgSoilworks, a precision orchard and vineyard development company. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The combined strength of the two companies delivers a “soils first” sustainable solution for agriculture developments, expanding their complementary farm management services to growers throughout the Western U.S. 

Founded in 2006, Paso Robles-based AgSoilworks is an agriculture land development company that leverages patented ripping tools to provide precision development solutions to commercial growers in California, Oregon, and Arizona. 

Founded in 1932 as H.M. Holloway Inc., a gypsum mine located in Lost Hills, CA., Holloway has grown into a multi-unit group with Holloway Agriculture focused on providing sustainable soil solutions that help growers improve crop health and production. 


Today, Holloway has expanded beyond being the trusted gypsum supplier to California’s top growers, providing a host of other products and services, from soil amendments to agronomy consulting, to complete orchard redevelopment.

And while the strategic partnership is new this year, the companies have been working closely together since 2017 and are aligned with Holloway’s mission to provide best-in-class, soil-first sustainable solutions to commercial growers.

“We’re excited about the partnership because we know firsthand how important soil health is, and developing the ground properly sets the foundation for future seasons,” Holloway CEO Brian Maxted said. “The traditional methods of development do an inadequate job of breaking up hardpans and relieving soil compaction while doing little to help blend inputs throughout the root zone. The AgSoilworks development process allows for further amendment of the physical characteristics of the soil, expanding the root zone while optimizing inputs throughout it, and ultimately, improving soil health and the overall growing environment for our customers.” 

AgSoilworks tailors proprietary deep ripping and development techniques to specific soils and crops using its patented Vibrosoiler ripping process, deep fertilizer mixing, discing, and bedding in a GPS-ripping, track-on-row pass. AgSoilworks’ proven soil conservation techniques provide the best root zone soil conditions for optimal crop growth, increasing nutrient uptake and water efficiency with unrivaled results.

“Teaming up with Holloway is a win-win for our growers,” said AgSoilworks General Manager Randy Baranek. “Along with gaining access to the high-quality soil amendments, growers can rest assured we’re providing their development with the best soil conditions to maximize production and input efficiency. The efficiencies of the Vibrosoiler and AgSoilworks’ methods allow for precision development along the crop row, saving time and fuel, and providing more relief to built-up soil compaction.”

In AgSoilworks’ typical two-pass process, the field is opened deeper and wider than traditional ripping methods, creating ideal spacing for proper amendment application. No other development system provides the physical breakout that AgSoilworks delivers, allowing for tailored amendment plans that penetrate throughout the soil profile.

Once compost, gypsum and other amendments are applied, AgSoilworks finishes the job with a final pass that effectively blends amendments with the native soil to create a homogenous root zone and optimal growing conditions for planting.

“In developing a field, you only have one shot to get it right,” AgSoilworks President Randal Tomich said. “By combining the strength of Holloway’s experience in amending the soil with AgSoilworks’ track record of efficient root zone development, the grower can drastically improve soil water holding capacity, input efficiencies, and build up organic matter and establish uniform permanent Crops quicker.”

To complement its “soils first” solutions, Holloway in recent years has made major investments in spreading, removal and grinding equipment, developing a “Grave-to-Cradle” plan that allows growers to make one call for all their redevelopment needs. 

“We seek to partner with the grower, offering customized solutions with superior attention to detail and service,” said Jordan Burt, Vice President and Director of Farm Services for Holloway. “Our goal is to be the farmer’s ‘Easy Button’ when it comes to redevelopment.”

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