Templeton approves wage increase for select county positions

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.

The meeting began with a report from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s office. The report included the updates on the changes in incidents over the last few months and highlighted the increase in thefts typical of the holiday season. The Sheriff encouraged everyone to lock their cars and not leave items in sight, which would encourage break-ins. Additionally, leaving packages or mail accumulating on the porch or in mailboxes is also discouraged.

Following the Sheriff’s report was the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, which stayed mostly on track from past years, with the exception of one speeding ticket in excess of 100 mph. The CHP also reported that they had two officers retire recently and that they will be looking to fill those positions as soon as possible.


Next was a badge pinning of a new firefighter, Ryan Ventura, who is joining the community from Southern California with his wife and two young children. Ryan has a background in restaurants and insurance before becoming a firefighter, and the station is already enjoying having his cooking at the station.

The consent agenda was passed 5-0. The consent agenda was approved of last meeting minutes, the appointment of Keri Dodson as clerk to the Board, and adoption of Ordinance 2021-6, regarding organic waste disposal.

The Measure “A” Oversight Committee heard a report from Committee Chairperson Dan Mosunich. When Measure “A” was approved by voters, ordinance 1-2019 was adopted, which required the establishment of a Citizens Oversight Committee. The Committee’s role is to review and evaluate the annual expenditures made by the District from the proceeds of the special tax. The report was made that the funds are being spent appropriately, and further more than the increase in funds is contributing to improved services for the community, such as the 24/7 fire station staffing that has been achieved.

Next, the Board approved a revised wage schedule and salary wage table as well as increasing the salaries of the Fire Chief, District Engineer, and other positions. This was done after a study which showed that the compensation was not competitive with other districts for the skill of the staff. Additionally, the increase in inflation has also added to the need to adjust the pay scale. The next item, adjustment to Cafeteria Benefits for employees hired after May 2014, was also approved for the same reasons.

The Board then addressed the reorganization of the Board, and Debra Logan was voted to remain as president and Director Petersen to Vice President. These motions were passed 5-0.

The General Manager’s report highlighted the Dec. 18 Main Street Stroll in downtown Templeton that would be fun for all to come out and enjoy the holiday.

The next meeting of TCSD is set to be Dec. 21, but at this time, there are no agenda items for that meeting, so it is possible that the meeting will be canceled if there are no issues to address. The meeting links can be found on the District’s website along with the agenda when it becomes available templetoncsd.org/AgendaCenter.