Kristin Smart family release a statement

SAN LUIS OBISPO — Both defendants Paul Flores and Ruben Flores, were present in the San Luis Obispo Superior Court via live video feed on Zoom for the arraignment this morning. Both defendants waived the right to be present in court. 

Honorable Judge Craig Van Rooyen presiding.  

The District Attorney’s office filed felony criminal complaints against Paul Flores (44) and his father Ruben Flores (80) on Wednesday, Apr. 14. 


The charge against Paul Flores is the murder of Kristin Smart. It is alleged that Flores caused Smart’s death while in the commission of or attempted rape, which is first-degree murder under California law.

Ruben Flores is charged with accessory after the fact to murder; it is alleged that he helped to conceal Smart’s body after the murder was committed. 

The lead prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Chris Peuvrelle, was present for the live virtual hearing. 

Attorney Robert Sanger, and Sarah Sanger, legal representatives for Paul Flores, requested to continue arraignment until Monday, Apr. 19, and wait to enter a plea until then. 

Paul Flores appeared dressed in a suit, as to Ruben Flores remained in the county orange jumpsuit at the virtual hearing. 

Harold Mesick, attorney for Ruben Flores, also requested to hold a plea until Monday’s hearing.  

Judge Baltodano set continued arraignment for Monday afternoon Apr. 19 at 1:30 p.m. after no objections.  

A protective order was submitted this morning by Robert Sanger on behalf of Paul Flores. Judge Baltodano stated that they had discussed and would delete “public officials” from the order.  

No objection by either counsel. 

The Judge brought up the one issue was to clarify that public employees of the court would have to coordinate with the press know to let them know times and locations and how things are being broadcast. 

Neither of the attorneys objected to the administrative side of communication. No other details of the order were discussed at this time. 

The Judge stated that based on the motion that was filed and the high publicity of this case, he did find it reasonably necessary to enter the protective order and would sign it with the changes as discussed. 

The order will be public record later today.

The last topic they addressed was bail; Peuvrelle requested that bail would remain as set. 

Sanger, on behalf of Paul Flores, stated they would hold any contested bail hearing for Monday at 1:30 p.m. or after.  

Mesick, on behalf of Ruben Flores, stated they are willing to wait until Monday as well. 

Paul Flores will remain on zero bail, and the court will address the bail set at $250,000 for Ruben Flores.  

Sanger ended with stating that they submitted a form proposed of pleadings and orders for the court and counsel to review. 

The Judge stated that he did see it. No other informaton was provided. 

Shortly after the hearing, the Smart family released a statement:

“After nearly 25 years of waiting, today’s delay in the arraignment process was not unexpected or surprising. Make no mistake; we have begun the final quest to bring justice for Kristin. We know we are in good hands with the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office, and we will wait patiently for the process to commence.”

Correction made: Honorable Judge Craig Van Rooyen presiding