Just moments ago the following statement was released from Kristin Smart’s family representative. We still do not know the intimate details of the Federal Bureau of Investigations phone call with Denise Smart or when new information will be released from the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s office. However, with all the new information coming to fruition the renewed hope is that Smart’s case will be solved in the upcoming months before the 24th anniversary of her disappearance.

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January 22, 2020

Over the past few days, our family has been overwhelmed with inquiries about the investigation. We sincerely appreciate the amazing support we’ve received and want to be clear that this is an ongoing investigation that is complex, fluid and continuing. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation and they are not putting any timetable on the completion of it. We support the Sheriff Department’s efforts and commitment. It is vitally important that they take the necessary time required. To clarify an important point about timing, there is no current timeline for any announcement. When the Sheriff’s Department completes the investigation, they will notify all of us when there is news to announce. Thank you for your understanding and our shared interest in the ongoing investigation.


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Editor’s Note: The statute of limitations, in this case, has expired on everything except for murder, anyone who comes forward with any information will not be charged with any crime.

Contact San Luis Obispo Sherriff’s office at 805.781.4500 or Anonymous Tip Line at 800.549.7867

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Official Statement from Kristin Smart Family