A broad-daylight crime comes to a nonviolent end in Atascadero

The neighborhood around the 7400 block of Santa Ysabel was disrupted by shouting shortly after noon on Saturday when two people were victimized by an alleged carjacker who was later apprehended by Atascadero Police.

A resident of the area, John Mattson, was alerted to the crime in progress due to the shouting near his home on the street.

“I heard some doors slamming violently and then someone shouted, ‘get out of the car,'” Mattson said. “The person in the car said ‘He’s robbing me, he’s got a gun.'”

Mattson added that an unrelated vehicle came down Santa Ysabel behind the vehicle being stolen, and he recognized the red truck of local communications specialist John Whitford who followed the vehicle after it was stolen.


“He took off after the vehicle,” Mattson said. “I’m not sure how far he followed them.”

Atascadero Police Department responded to the report of a stolen vehicle, and officers located the vehicle being driven in the 4600 block of Sycamore Road, according the the City release. A short vehicle pursuit ensued and the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot into the Salinas Riverbed. The suspect was captured shortly after.  

A 14 year old juvenile was arrested and transported to the Juvenile Services Center in San Luis Obispo.  Charges included, 215 PC; Carjacking, 211 PC; Robbery, 2800.2 VC; Felony Evading an Officer, and 148(a)(1) PC; Resisting/Obstructing/Delaying an Officer.