The auction’s proceeds go to local construction company victimized by embezzlement

ATASCADERO — The San Luis Obispo County’s District Attorney’s Office has completed an auction for the sale of items seized as evidence during a criminal investigation involving embezzlement, resulting in $115,540 in victim restitution. 

The District Attorney’s Office secured the services of SLOCAL Estate Auctions, Inc. based in Morro Bay to auction jewelry, watches, sports memorabilia, designer shoes, handbags, artwork, and other items seized as evidence during the criminal investigation.

On March 16, 2021, Joy Noel Wilde (DOB 04/16/1978) of Atascadero was sentenced to 10 years and four months in prison for embezzling money from her former employer, Greg Wiemann Construction, over a three year period. At the sentencing hearing, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jesse Marino highlighted the “outrageously large amount of money” taken by Ms. Wilde and concluded that the decade-long prison sentence was warranted “due to its sheer volume.” Wilde was ordered to pay $877,123 in restitution to her former employer. 


The investigation revealed that Ms. Wilde had purchased many items using her ill-gotten gains, including jewelry, watches, sports memorabilia, designer shoes, handbags, and artwork. None of the items themselves were stolen, but the items were purchased with stolen funds. For many of the items the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office was able to locate receipts and other proofs of purchase and COA’s (Certificate of Authenticity). 

To maximize the amount of restitution for the victim, the District Attorney’s Office sought and received a court order authorizing that the seized items be sold at auction, and the proceeds be provided to the former employer. As a result of the auction, which was hosted by SLOCAL Estate Auctions, Inc., the former employer will be provided approximately $115,540 towards the restitution owed by Ms. Wilde. 

“Embezzlement crimes are significant at several levels,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “In addition to the financial devastation that large scale thefts can wreak on a business, is the very personal impact realized when a long-term employee in a position of confidence violates that trust. The $115,540 in auction proceeds is a significant step to offset the substantial financial loss inflicted by Ms. Wilde.”