Chris died of liver failure due to alcoholism. He drank alcoholically from the age of 25 until his death at 59. He was sensitive and tender hearted, like so many alcoholics who drink to dull their pain. Chris was intelligent and outgoing and had a special way with children. He had many talents, from playing guitar and singing, to artistic masonry work and so much more in between. All that potential gone to waste. 

Chris blessed our family with two wonderful sons, Travis and Shane. He also leaves the rest of his saddened family: Deborah, his grieving bride of two years; mother, Kacy Caldwell; father and “other” mother, Dwayn and Cheryl Simmons; half-brothers, Matthew and Daniel; sister, Gena and her husband and daughter, Ray and Alyssa; and his dog, Anne. He also leaves his step-sister, Pamela and her daughters, Allyson and Madison; and a large extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. 

Chris’ bright light is gone from our lives, but never from our memories, never from our hearts.