The Alzheimer’s Association estimates there are 6M persons in the US afflicted with some form of dementia.  Most of those are female.  My wife of 65 years died on 7/27/20.  She had 7th Stage Alzheimer’s Disease and a heart attack did her in.  Alzheimer’s is progressive and has no cure.  It is also inherited.  The above picture shows her mother and her 4 sisters.  Four died with Alzheimer’s.  There are medicines to slow Alzheimer’s down if used early enough.  We didn’t.

She raised two sons, anchored my consulting business, helped design a ranch with solar house and airstrip, ran a roadroller, could fly a light airplane in an emergency, planted an orchard, and put up with me.

My work took us all over the US and sometimes to Europe.  We worked hard, eventually unwound in Atascadero, and retired at Merrill Gardens in Santa Maria.    

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