Donald Jay Avery Jr. was born on December 31, 1971, and passed away on May 15, 2024. A native son to San Luis Obispo County, spanning five generations. Donald was survived by his two children, Donald and Ella Avery; his former wife, Erin Avery; his three Sisters, Tess Avery, Lila Avery-Fuson, and Amber Avery-Fragione; his Nieces and Nephews, Mariah Avery, Bailey Torrey, Bella Torrey, Abigail Avery, Luke Torrey, and one Great Nephew Asher O’Keefe.

Son to Don Avery and Karen Avery-Lewis (may they rest in peace), and Grandson to former Templeton Blacksmith owners Robert and Margaret Tullock. Also, a Grandson to Dutch and Angela Avery, who were closely tied to Camp Robert’s, i.e., Camp Robert’s Historical Museum. Our family has deep roots in this community.

Donnie was a computer genius, landing a job in Seattle, Washington, with Microsoft for many years.

He later returned home to the central coast and began a hunting guiding business with his brother-in-law, Kevin Fuson. They led many hunting guide excursions together and made many friends within law enforcement. Donnie was always smiling and had a great outlook on life. He loved his family above all else.

He also enjoyed fishing, hiking, surfing, kayaking, and anything related to the outdoors. He loved animals and enjoyed reading, especially on topics of religion and spirituality.

Donnie will forever be in our hearts, and will be missed deeply by his family and friends.

Written by:
Amber Avery-Fragione