A Tribute to my Mother, Elizabeth Joyce Lamb, September 4, 2022, Her Birthday

Elizabeth (AKA Ellsbeth) Joyce Lamb was the Granddaughter of California ranching pioneers, Timothy Graham Lamb, born in Syracuse, New York, in 1833, and his wife, Maria Corcoran, of Ireland, whom he married in 1864. At the age of 12, Timothy became a sailor on the Great Lakes and later on the seas. He emigrated to California in 1858 and immediately proceeded to the mines in Tuolumne County, after which he engaged in dairying in Napa County and in 1876 moved south to Monterey County to begin ranching with his six children, including “Joyce’s” Father, Charles Allen Lamb, of San Ardo.

“Joyce” was born in a ranch house outside King City, Monterey County, CA, on September 4, 1924, before her Mother, Athelma E. Edrington Lamb, wife of San Ardo rancher, Charles Allen Lamb, could make it to the hospital in time.

“Joyce” was a lovely child, raised on the family’s “101” San Ardo ranch. She was the oldest daughter of six children, including her older brother, Kenneth Harlan, and younger siblings, Marilyn June, Phyllis Arlene, Gerald Alan, and Winnifred.

Joyce was an excellent horsewoman from a young age and rode in the Salinas Rodeo each year from age nine and won first place in each contest she entered. Her awards are on record at the Monterey County Historical Museum. “Joyce’s” Mother, “Athelma,” furnished horses off the ranch for Salinas Rodeo Parade riders, starting as early as 1926. The photo furnished here is of “Joyce” riding “Snip” all the way off the San Ardo ranch to the Salinas Rodeo in 1933. “Athelma,” an excellent rider herself, drove a truck alongside “Joyce,” with all her siblings inside, rooting for her all the way to the Rodeo!

Mother attended King City, Monterey County schools all the way through elementary school and then transferred to Paso Robles High School in San Luis Obispo County, when the family moved off the ranch from San Ardo to another of their ranches, on the Estrella, outside San Miguel, CA. “Joyce” was extremely kind, intelligent, and beautiful, as noted in her Paso Robles High yearbooks; and served as President of the Paso Robles High School Girls League along with one of her best friends, Gladys Rougeot, served as a May Day princess. Mother’s nickname was “Happy,” and indeed, she was. In her senior year, she moved to the home of her Godparents, Maude and Shorty Dallaire, in San Miguel, to better concentrate on her studies, avoid the back and forth trip from the ranch, and to work her part-time job at the San Miguel Drugstore.

Mother graduated from Paso Robles High in 1942 and married the same year. She was an excellent role model and loving Mother to her three children. Loving “Joyce” moved in with her eldest child, Paula Edrington, in 1993 and was loved and cared for by Paula, Gil, “Chip,” and Zacky,” her loving Yellow Labradors and constant companions, until her death on Paula’s birthday, February 17, in 2016. 

“Joyce” is buried in the San Ardo Cemetery, right next to her Grandparents, Timothy G. Lamb and Maria Corcoran Lamb. Rest in peace, Mother, with prayers and love to you in Heaven on your earthly birthday!  


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Elizabeth Joyce Lamb 2
Elizabeth Joyce Lamb 1924-2016