Neva Glenn passed away on November 26, 2022, at the age of 98. She was a talented and multi-faceted individual with a passion for learning and a kind heart.
In 1949, Neva married Charles Glenn, and together they had two sons, Dave and Tom. Neva dedicated herself to being a loving and supportive mother.

Neva was a prolific writer, with many articles and poems published on various subjects. She was an avid gardener and designed two beautiful landscaped homes in Whittier and Atascadero, California. In addition to her love of gardening, Neva had many eclectic interests, including juggling, traveling, and playing the piano.

In addition to her personal pursuits, Neva was a dedicated philanthropist who supported numerous worthy causes. She was particularly passionate about promoting the use of solar ovens as a means of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and protecting the environment. Neva also had a deep love for nature and animals and worked to protect and preserve these precious resources.
She is survived by her son Tom. Her memory will live on through the many hearts she touched and the gardens she created.