The family of Nichole Grantham, 31, of Paso Robles, is saddened to announce her passing on December 19, 2020, from a tragic motorcycle accident. 

Nichole was born on July 1, 1989, in Lancaster, California. She is survived by her sons Calvin Harris, 8, and Cayden Harris, 5; her brother Christopher Smith of Lancaster; sister Christina Heer of Paso Robles; sister Tassie Grantham of San Antonio, Texas; father Jonathan Grantham of Camarillo; and mother, Elaine Grawe of Morro Bay.

Nichole was very successful in the construction industry and well respected and loved by those she worked with over the past seventeen years. Nichole worked hard for her boys. She loved and cherished her two boys with her whole heart.

Nichole’s family and friends know that she passed away doing what she loved to do; cruising on her purple Dyna.

There is a fundraiser to help support Nichole’s boys if it is in your heart to do so. Click Here.

Nichole Grantham 2
Nichole Grantham 1989-2020