SLO Safe Ride Partners with Local Farmers to Deliver Food

SLO Safe Ride is partnering with local farmers to deliver boxes of their goods to the Central Coast communities. With plenty of available vehicles (large and small) and professionally trained drivers, SLO Safe Ride has stepped up to help connect residents with regular delivery of goods from local farms. Currently, SLO Safe Ride has partnered with Talley Farms and Larder Meat Co., and they are continuing to reach out to farmers to help them deliver their products.

Noah Raynor, the owner of SLO Safe Ride, shares more: “With San Luis Obispo County sheltering-in-place, there’s a real need for people in our communities to continue to get fresh food easily. By partnering with farmers we’re able to help families get the food they need; if there’s any way our team can help our community during this time, we’re going to do it.”

SLO Safe Ride encourages all local businesses to reach out if there’s a way they can help support them. The team understands that there may be a variety of needs ranging from individual households to large government organizations for transportation services. They are currently offering discounted rates, donated rides, and are willing to help supplement existing scopes of service, such as food or prescription deliveries or rideshare options.

For more information about SLO Safe Ride partnering with local farmers, please visit or contact Mike Linn at (805) 620-7233 or