69 towers composed of 17,388 wine bottles celebrate Paso Robles wine country 

PASO ROBLES — Field of Lights Sensorio in Paso Robles re-opened to the public on Apr. 15 with the newly added Light Towers, an immersive light installation.

Internationally-acclaimed artist Bruce Munro unveiled his first Field of Light exhibit at Sensorio in May 2019.

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Field of Lights uses an array of 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics. The color-changing spheres spread across 15 acres with intertwining walking paths and oak trees. Thousands of visitors came to the Central Coast to see the walk-through installation.


Munro is a British artist “best known for large-scale light-based artworks inspired by his continuous study of natural light and his curiosity for shared human experiences.”

This year, Munro revealed his newest exhibit, Light Towers. The latest installation features 69 towers composed of 17,388 wine bottles and was created to celebrate Paso Robles wine country.

All the lights are solar-powered, and all materials used will be in use for years to come and then properly recycled when they are no longer needed.

Munro’s work has been commissioned by galleries, parks, grand estates, cathedrals, botanical gardens, and museums worldwide.

The towers stand at seven feet high, with 252 bottles per tower. Optic fibers illuminate the bottles, changing colors in tune with a custom musical score.

Orlando Gough composed “Rise and Shine,” an original composition made, especially for the Light Towers. Even the composition pays homage to Paso Robles wine country by utilizing rubbed wine glasses paired with a vocal ensemble.

Munro says, “I was drawn to Orlando’s music because he brings people from different cultures together to sing. An expression of uniting the world in these difficult times.”

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Munro hopes to offer live performances of the music by 69 local Paso Robles singers in the future.

Paul Haught, Sensorio Executive Director, said, “We look forward to once again welcoming guests to our exhibition, which has been closed since early December in accordance with the state shelter in place mandates.”

Because of COVID and travel restrictions, Munro was unable to be present for the building of the Light Towers, “Sadly, COVID prevented my team or me from coming to the US for the installation process. However, we regularly work with an American team of professional art handlers and the brilliant team at Sensorio headed by Steve Deferville (the site project manager). Working together remotely, we were able to build this exhibit.”

To adhere to COVID guidelines, group size is limited to six maximum, social distancing monitored and enforced, and guests and staff require face masks.

Food and beverages will still be offered, including warm and cold drinks, wine/beer, snacks, and meals.

How did an internationally recognized artist like Munro pick Paso Robles as the next location for his work?

Munro said, “Ken and Bobbie Hunter visited the Field of Light in Uluru, and the seed was sown!”

Sensorio was created by locals Ken and Bobbi Hunter. The two wanted a destination for entertainment, exploration, meditation, and honoring the landscape’s natural topography.

More exhibitions and buildings are planned for opening in the future.

It is pretty mesmerizing walking through the Field of Lights. The lights gently change colors and give the hills almost a watercolor effect.

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When the sun goes down, it’s like you fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in a fiber optic wonderland.

And you can’t beat the silhouette of the oak trees against the watercolor lights.

Tickets are on sale now until Sep. 30, with VIP experiences available.

VIP Terrace perks include priority entry and can arrive at any time during open hours. The private VIP terrace also includes access to the Airstream bar, seating, fireside tables, private bathrooms, and an incredible view overlooking the Field of Lights. VIP tickets also include a drink voucher and charcuterie board.

Sensorio is located at 4380 Highway 46 East, Paso Robles. For more information or to purchase tickets visit sensoriopaso.com