Accreditation recognizes the Jail’s commitment to providing quality health services for the inmate population

SAN LUIS OBISPO — The County Jail has received national recognition for its health care services. 

The National Commission on Correctional Health Care has awarded national accreditation to the Jail for demonstrating compliance with NCCHC’s nationally recognized standards of care for correctional health services in jails. 

Accreditation recognizes the Jail’s commitment to providing quality health services for the inmate population. 


To earn NCCHC accreditation, the Jail underwent a rigorous professional assessment. During the assessment, a team of experienced physicians and experts in correctional health care surveyed the facility for compliance with jail-specific standards in several areas such as patient care and treatment, health promotion, safety and disease prevention, governance and administration, personnel and training, special needs and services, and medical-legal issues. 

“We have a constitutional obligation to provide health care to those in our Jail and we are committed to doing so with innovation, excellence and efficiency,” said Sheriff Parkinson. “I salute our health care provider Wellpath, our custody staff, and leadership for their hard work and dedication on behalf of our patients.” 

For 40 years, NCCHC’s highly respected standards have provided guidance to help correctional health professionals and administrators improve the health of their jail populations and the communities to which they return, increase efficiency of health services delivery, and strengthen organizational effectiveness. Getting accreditation has long been a goal of the Sheriff’s Office. 

The Covid pandemic created its own set of unique challenges to the process. However, it was only through a coordinated effort by custody staff and Wellpath that made accreditation possible. 

“This is a great example of the county and the Sheriff’s Office commitment to a safe and healthy County Jail that meets the changing and sometimes challenging demands of health care across the country,” said Correctional Captain Stephanie Landgraf.