Errors are found in City of Pismo Beach and Lucia Mar Unified School District; online versions are correct

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — The County Clerk-Recorder has discovered two printing errors in the County Voter Information Guide for voters within the City of Pismo Beach and Lucia Mar Unified School District, Trustee Area No. 3. These Voter Information Guides went out with ballots last week. The online versions of the Guides have been corrected. Corrected Voter Information Guides will be mailed out to all registered voters in the affected districts.

While the pages that make-up the voter guide were proofed numerous times before being sent to print, there was a mistake in the assembly of the pages that attributed to the omission of the candidate statements of Pismo Beach City Council Candidate Kevin Kreowski, and Lucia Mar Unified School District Trustee Are No. 3 Candidate Ashley Smeester. The County of San Luis Obispo has used the same printer and proofing process for years without incident. Nevertheless, additional proofing processes will be implemented during printing and before they are sent out to voters for all future elections.

While some additional candidates have come forward claiming their statements were wrong or omitted, the Clerk-Recorder’s office has confirmed those candidates either declined to submit a candidate statement (and signed the form confirming so) or submitted changes to their statements after the state mandated deadline for changes (State of California Elections Code Section 133307 (a) and (b).)


In addition, there was a typographical error in the ballot language for Measure C-22 effecting San Luis Coastal School District. (A % symbol was used instead of a “cents” symbol.) On-line versions have been corrected and voters will receive Corrective Action Mailers this week. It is of the utmost importance to the Clerk-Recorder’s office and the staff who work in it, that the integrity of fair and accurate elections be held in San Luis Obispo County. These mistakes should not have happened, were accidental in the printing process and we are taking all measures to rectify them. We welcome you, as members of the media, to ask any questions you may have, or that may be prompted by inquiries from your viewers/readers. Feel free to contact Elaina Cano, County Clerk-Recorder at