The County and City of SLO taking a community approach to reducing homeless encampments

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — The County and City of San Luis Obispo have joined forces to address homeless encampments along the Bob Jones Bike Trail in San Luis Obispo. The County recently accepted a $13.4 million grant from the State of California Interagency Council on Homelessness, which will be utilized to implement the Bob Jones Bike Trail Encampment Resolution Project.

The project comprises three main phases:

  1. Clean-up of the San Luis Creek and surrounding open spaces near the Bob Jones Bike Trail.
  2. Expansion of outreach efforts to individuals living in the area.
  3. Development of a non-congregate housing facility named the “Welcome Home Village,” offering on-site wraparound services.

The County’s Homeless Services Division will collaborate with key partners to carry out the multi-phase project. The City of San Luis Obispo will lead the expansion of outreach services, while DignityMoves will construct a supportive housing community and LifeArk will build the modular homes. Good Samaritan Shelter will manage the supportive housing program.


This collaboration marks a significant step in the County’s approach to homelessness, as they seek to implement successful methods employed by other cities like Santa Barbara and Austin, Texas. The initiative aims to create life-changing opportunities for the County’s residents who are experiencing homelessness.

San Luis Obispo County currently has a high percentage of unsheltered individuals compared to other communities of similar size. In response, the County and the City have previously adopted strategic plans to address homelessness, with a focus on creating housing units to meet the unique needs of persistently unsheltered individuals.

City Manager Derek Johnson expressed gratitude for the grant and partnership, acknowledging the importance of tackling homelessness as a top priority for the City of San Luis Obispo. The Welcome Home Village, located adjacent to the County’s Department of Social Services headquarters, will provide 80 much-needed beds, including 34 interim and 46 permanent supportive housing units. The housing program will include mandatory case management and individualized service plans for residents.

The interim supportive housing units in the Welcome Home Village will offer private spaces for residents with electricity, air conditioning, heating, and a desk, while sharing communal bathroom, laundry, and kitchen facilities. The permanent housing units will have private restrooms and kitchen areas. The village will also feature a small park with a playground and dog run to foster a sense of community.

The County’s Homeless Services Division applied for the grant in collaboration with the City of San Luis Obispo and was awarded the funds in June. The Bob Jones Bike Trail Encampment Resolution Project demonstrates the community’s commitment to addressing homelessness and creating safe and supportive environments for those in need.