Bruce Gibson and Bruce Jones go head-to-head in District 2 Supervisor Candidate Forum

ATASCADERO — On Thursday, Sept. 29, The League of Woman Voters moderated an SLO County District 2 Supervisor Candidate Forum. The forum was held at the Atascadero High School gym from 6 to 8 p.m. Candidates Bruce Gibson and Bruce Jones participated in the discussion. 

The audience was asked to prepare candidate questions on index cards. The League reviewed the cards before the questions were asked. Some questions were combined if the same question was asked more than once. 

“I can only imagine that running for office is not for the faint of heart,” said Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Josh Cross. “I truly believe that both of these candidates want to make a difference in our local communities and that they have the best of intentions, and I ask each of you to listen to their answers so that you will be informed when you vote on Nov. 8, or earlier via mail-in-ballots.” 


Bruce Gibson, the longest-serving member of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, went head to head with Bruce Jones on Thursday night. Jones, though not a career politician or a published public speaker, stated he has leadership experience and qualifications to help serve District 2.

“Now, more than ever, in order to get stuff done, we need vision, we need leadership, we need a commitment to public service,” Gibson said in his opening statement. “That is what I bring to this job, it’s what I have brought to this job, and what I intend to continue bringing to this job.” 

Gibson’s priorities are homelessness, securing district 2’s water supply, and addressing the high cost of housing.

“I intend on being an effective supervisor on day one,” Jones said in his opening statement. “I have experience that will help me do just that. I served more than three years on the Templeton Area Advisory Group.”

As a retired surgeon on the Board Of Supervisors, Jones says he will be able to have conversations with the leaders of the health department.

The candidates both answered 17 questions in total. Though both candidates differed on almost every question, with Jones stating his conservative views on things like parents having a choice as to if their child gets vaccinated or not and Gibson sharing his Democratic views on the fact that there should be no concern about election security, both gentlemen agreed on mental health and the need for more resources for care in the county. 

When asked what issue the candidates identified as the most crucial one facing the county in the near future, Gibson answered homelessness, while Jones answered public safety.

“I care greatly about this wonderful place that we live in, and I want to protect it for future generations,” said Jones in his closing statement. “As a surgeon, I worked more than 60 hours a week, and I’m happy to work just as hard representing you. My door will be open. I want to hear from you. Please feel free to talk with me, ask questions, make recommendations. I will be your anti-corruption, honest supervisor. I am Dr. Bruce Jones, the best Bruce for District 2.”

“These forums are fundamentally important to informing the electorate about the decision that faces them in the next six weeks, less than six weeks,” Gibson added in his closing statement. “Because they put clear, on-the-record the differences between two candidates of which you have a choice. I pledge to you to make fact-based decisions and to stand accountable for the results.”

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