Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past
— Napoleon Hill

Our inaugural issue! Wow! How do we even begin to express our deepest gratitude for the support and love we have received to have faith and trust to start a sister publication to PASO Magazine in our Home Town of Atascadero. A dream that we have been working to see come to fruition for as long as I can remember …
A dream of a publication mailed directly to residents and businesses that would focus on the beautiful people and businesses in our communities doing the amazing things they do. A publication that would allow the untold stories of the silent heroes, the incredible strength of a group of people pulled together by a common goal or passion to make our community better, the stories of businesses and business owners that show up every day to fulfill a dream of their own and provide a service that is needed, the teachers, students and administrative staff that are at that very core growing the next generation that will be better than we are today, this publication is for all of you.
Our desire to tell your story is shared by our incredible team that believes in the wonderful communities we all call home. It is with their faith, dedication and passion that the magazines come together. It is with the trust and confidence from all our advertisers that the magazine is able to be printed and the stories told. And it is because of the incredible vision, love and energy and our shared desire to provide our communities with a motivating, one of a kind, public that pulls it all together.
Our goal with each publication is to bring you in-depth highlights that showcase our inspirational community in format that you will want to keep on your bookshelf for years to come. A piece of history in the making. A legacy that we can pass on to our children that teaches them the importance of being involved in the community and showing up for one another and that it is not all about us… it is much bigger. Our family is incredibly humbled to be able to call the North County our home and together with our team we will do everything we can to help tell your story, share and promote your business and provide a valuable tool when you have loved ones come to town to help them experience the heart of community in which we live.
We truly thank you all with our whole hearts… let’s do this!