Atascadero High School sees girls facing setbacks and boys clinching nail-biting victory against Templeton

NORTH COUNTY — In a series of basketball matchups, the Atascadero High School basketball teams faced off against Templeton High School, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Girls basketball: Atascadero vs. Templeton

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Atascadero girls basketball team experienced a setback in their game against Templeton High School, as the Eagles won 54-29.


After a promising four-game winning streak, Atascadero faced a tough challenge against Santa Ynez in previous game, narrowly losing by a score of 47-45. The defeat marked their fifth consecutive loss to Santa Ynez. Meanwhile, Templeton also encountered a loss to Santa Ynez, falling 53-41. Atascadero’s current record stands at 7-10, while Templeton holds an 11-7 record.

Remembering this loss and its 51-39 defeat to Templeton in February 2023, Atascadero is eager to turn the tables and avenge their previous losses on Feb. 2, when the teams meet again at Templeton. 

On Thursday, Jan. 18, the Greyhounds faced another challenge against Lompoc High School and lost 45-22 to the Braves, adding further motivation for the Greyhounds to reclaim victory in their future games.

Boys basketball: Atascadero vs. Templeton

On Friday, Jan. 19, the Atascadero boys basketball team emerged victorious against Templeton High School in a close encounter, winning 72-70 in overtime. This marked the Greyhounds’ fourth consecutive win, displaying resilience and determination.

Despite Templeton’s loss, Trevon Carter Givens delivered an outstanding performance with a double-double, scoring 27 points and securing 20 rebounds. Ryan McNamee also played a crucial role, contributing 19 points, six rebounds, and three steals.

Atascadero’s recent success includes five wins in their last six matchups, significantly boosting their season record to 11-9. On the other hand, Templeton’s defeat dropped their record to 15-6.

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Photos by Rick Evans