Gifted Brand New Supra Focus Bow

Thursday afternoon at 12 p.m. Atascadero’s own Isabella Otter signed on the dotted line to become a sponsored member of Precision Shooting Equipment and was given one of the company’s top bows, a Supra Focus, in her favorite color.

Otter has proven herself to be not only one of the best young female shooter but one of the best shooters in the country by absolutely dominating her last indoor season when she came home with a National Title and two state titles. Thursday at Central Coast Archery in San Luis Obispo, where she trains for indoor, she signed the contract she had been dreaming of and got her hands on the bow that could take her to the next level.

Bella Otter CC Archery 1 scaled
Isabella Otter Signs Sponsorship With PSE

“To be welcomed onto their shooting staff, especially when they are celebrating their 50th anniversary, is a huge honor, and it blows my mind. It is pretty crazy,” Otter said Thursday. “But I couldn’t have done it without the help of Blair Sandberg, who set this up or Scott and Joel Wilson who own Central Coast Archery and always let me shoot.”

The junior Greyhound first picked up a bow in the Girl Scouts six years ago and has since fallen in love with the sport with the support of her family.


“I am a proud father. I couldn’t be any more proud of her or any happier for her,” Bella’s father Nate said. “This whole time has been about allowing her to push herself as far as she wanted, and my job was to make sure that she had all the support that she needed.”

Otter has not yet been able to get back to practicing indoors due to business shutdowns and the shelter-at-home orders but cannot wait to start practicing for postponed outdoor competitions and especially next indoor season.

“I am super excited to get back indoors,” she stated. “They haven’t told me when I can yet, I am kind of just staying online and waiting for things to reopen and for them to send out new dates for postponed outdoor tournaments and then the indoor season.”

The Las Vegas World Archery Festival is the largest archery tournament in the world, and this year’s winner, Kyle Douglas, took home the top honors and 100,000 dollars using the same bow Otter now possesses and might soon be looking over his shoulder at one of his teammates.

Bella Otter CC Archery 7 scaled
Isabella Otter Signs Sponsorship With PSE