Broadcasts will include play-by-play and color commentary

This spring, the Voice of Paso Sports Network will be broadcasting and live streaming more than sixty-five local high school sporting events perfect for viewing at home during the condensed spring that has just begun. 

In the next few weeks, local high schools in the County will quickly descend into the wildest sports season anyone has ever seen, as nearly every sport will try and fit a season in before graduation in June. However, due to the pandemic, sports venues will be allowing minimum capacity and, at times, no capacity for family and friends to watch their sons and daughters, friends and classmates. 

VOP Voice Over Paso

The VOP Sports Network has been broadcasting Bearcats sports for the past five years and is ready and excited for the journey that lies ahead of them. 

“Our philosophy is that we want to bring sports to the community,” John Doss, who will handle the majority of play-by-play commentary for the VOP Sports Network, explained. “It is local sports– high school sports–, and we want them to be covered. We are a small-town community here in the North County, and we want small-town sports. We try and bring a little bit of flair to what we do, and we try and cover all those sports that are non-traditional and that you might not necessarily find on the radio all the time. We will cover your soccer games; we will cover your basketball games and volleyball, track and field, and obviously the big ones like football, baseball and softball.” 

VOP Paso Voices

Not only will the VOP Sports Network bring families and friends a way to watch the athletes, but they also provide limitless entertainment for listeners from their two-person team of Doss and James Wiemann. The two have been together for hundreds of broadcasts and prove it each night when they bicker like a married couple for our enjoyment. 

Beginning last Saturday, the VOP Sports Network will kicked off a three-month broadcasting schedule that is incomparable to any around. Of the 68 events they currently have scheduled, they will cover almost every sport, including boys and girls water polo, boys and girls soccer, softball, baseball, football and are already looking into adding indoor sports when they make their return. 

“I think the best thing about this whole situation is that we get to do two sports that we love in the same season,” Wiemann said. “It is never going to happen again. We are going to be able to do football on a Friday night and come back and broadcast baseball on a Saturday. In a way, I guess it is kind of a nightmare, but it is also a blessing in disguise. It is going to be so fun.”

On top of all the games, the VOP Sports Network also produces a weekly Bearcat Locker Room Show where they will bring in some more of their featured voices as well as local coaches and athletes to preview the upcoming games on the schedule. 

VOP Paso Voices 2

While Wiemann and Doss will be on the majority of the broadcasts, the Sports Network also features other knowledgeable sports figures in the North County such as Tim Stewart, Greg Cunningham, Walt Van Zandt, Dave Lambert, and, of course, the coach, Bill Stansbury on every Friday night football game. 

On top of providing some interesting in-game insights, Lambert is also the man behind the video and ensures each event comes with audio and visual capabilities. 

“It is going to be a challenge, but we are really excited,” Lambert said. 

To view the games and stay on top of the robust, ever-changing schedule, make sure to follow 805 Broadcasters on Facebook. 

The VOP Sports Network is funded through community sponsorships and is still looking for more support to ensure they can run uninterrupted this season. Those excited about watching games and interested in contributing should head to the VOP website at or call (805)788-8114 to help.