On June 15, the color-coded tier system will no longer be in place and mask mandates will end 

SACRAMENTO — As the State continues to open up and the COVID-19 numbers steadily decline, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), County of San Luis Obispo, and Governor Gavin Newsom realign data and tiers for reducing COVID-19 in the state under the Blueprint for a Safer Economy as we head toward Jun. 15 when all mandates will be eliminated according to Newsom’s new plan.  

In a press conference on Monday, May 10, Newsom introduced “California’s Comeback Plan,” that will be released in phases as the State re-opens that will start with tax cuts, homelessness and education. Newsom explained that first time in history the State has an impressive 75.7 billion dollar budget surplus, this time last year a 54.3 billion dollar shortfall.

“A remarkable turnaround, we talked about California coming back, I made the point to say that California’s not coming back California will come roaring back,” Newsom said.


Later, the California Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Dr. Mark Ghaly said that the state is on track to drop the longstanding tier restrictions that have limited capacity at businesses.

“On June 15, the color-coded tier system … will no longer be in place,” Ghaly said. More specifically, he added, “Certain things like capacity limits will no longer be in place in California cities.”

Governor Newsom announced in April that the state would be moving away from the tier system. “We’ll be opening up on Jun. 15, business as usual,” Newsom said. However, according to reports, neither the Governor nor the HHS secretary has been very specific about what the state would look like after Jun. 15 until recently. 

On Tuesday, in an interview with Elex Michaelson, a reporter with Fox 11 Los Angeles, Newsom stating that there will no longer be any mask mandates after Jun. 15.

“No [mask mandates] only in those settings that are indoor… only in those massively large settings, where people from around the world not just around the County are conveying, and when people are mixing in real dense spaces otherwise we’ll make guidance recommendations but no mandates and no restrictions in businesses large and small,” Newsom said.   

Blueprint Tier Assignments

Three counties are moving to a less restrictive tier, although local public health departments may implement policies that are more restrictive than the state. From Red (substantial) to Orange (moderate): Madera. From Orange (moderate) to Yellow (minimal): San Mateo and Mono. No counties moved to a more restrictive tier. No counties remain in the Purple (widespread) tier, 11 stay in the Red (substantial) tier, 38 in the Orange (moderate) tier, and nine are in the Yellow (minimal) tier.

Tier assignments will end on Jun.15.

Statewide COVID-19 Data as of May 12

  • California has 3,658,198 confirmed cases to date. Numbers may not represent true day-over-day change as reporting of test results can be delayed.
  • There were 1,231 newly recorded confirmed cases Tuesday.
  • The 7-day positivity rate is 1.1 percent.
  • There have been 62,326,240 tests conducted in California. This represents an increase of 124,260 during the prior 24-hour reporting period.
  • There have been 61,305 COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic.
  • As of May 12, providers have reported administering a total of 33,118,249 vaccine doses statewide. The CDC reports that 42,089,320 doses have been delivered to entities within the state. Numbers do not represent true day-to-day change as reporting may be delayed. For more vaccination data, visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Data Dashboard.