Annual Pancake Breakfast brought in almost 10k for the community

TEMPLETON — Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) held a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Jul. 6 at 7 p.m.

The meeting opened with a reading of the consent agenda, no items were removed for discussion, and Director Geoff English moved approval of the agenda, seconded by Director Wayne Petersen. The consent agenda passed 5-0.

The first item of business on the agenda was resolution 13-2021, a public hearing to consider any protests or objections, and if appropriate, to adopt the resolution. This resolution is the adoption of the reports on street light assessments, weed abatement fees, delinquent water/sewer charges, Measure A parcel tax, and community facilities district and authorize their collection on the county tax roll.


A written objection was heard from a landowner who has not received rent from her tenants, but due to the COVID restrictions, is prohibited from evicting them. This item would require the landowner to pay the fees that have been incurred by tenants.

Director Pam Jardini opened a discussion regarding the executive order N42-20, which created the moratorium on shutting off utilities for non-payment, and whether that order mandated that the district look toward the State Water Resources Control Board for methods of repayment or if the district water code still is the legal standard.

President Debra Logan took a moment to mention the incredibly difficult situation the homeowners are in and that they should be compensated back for any funds they didn’t receive from this time with renters who refuse to pay, but these are public funds owed the district, and this is a way to secure those, “I’m in favor of moving forward with this, provided, as Director Jardini brought up, did we follow the correct protocol.”

After looking into the State Board requirements, it was found that the procedure that TCSD has taken is in line with the legal procedure, which will be reflected in the meeting notes.

Director English moved to approve the resolution, and the motion passed 5-0.

General Manager, Jeff Briltz, gave the COVID update, which was to say that the item could feasibly be removed from the agenda with the new removal of the colored tier system, and any information needed to be shared on COVID could be done in the General Manager’s Report.

Next was the General Manager’s Report, which covered the success of the 4th of July weekend, with few incidents occurring for noise and one firework-related dumpster fire. The pancake breakfast was a great success and brought in roughly $9,500 for the Fire Department.

Director Navid Fardanesh spoke during Director’s Reports and Comments portion of the meeting to mention Laurie Ion’s retirement and send off party and express his gratitude for her service, as well as the service of all the staff members, “I’m very proud of our staff members, I think they do an excellent job.”

President Logan followed that up, saying that Laurie did a great job waving as Grand Marshal in the 4th of July parade and that she will be sorely missed. 

The TCSD meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jul. 20 has been cancelled. The next meeting will be Aug. 3 at 7 p.m. The tentative agenda items are the Fire and Emergency Services Master Plan, application for LAFCO to divest cemetery powers, and the Evers Sports Park Design and engineering award. The meeting agenda will be posted on the District’s website when it becomes available.