General manager Briltz gives brief updates to concerts in the park and vaccinations

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Mar. 16. 

The meeting started with a report from the Sheriff’s department, which spoke of the downward trend in crime when compared to the month of February 2020. While addressing the downward trend, it was brought up that crime still does exist, and members of the community should be aware and vigilant.

Next, the TCSD addressed the consent agenda, which was passed unanimously with a vote of 4-0, as Director Pam Jardini was absent from the meeting.


General Manager Jeff Briltz spoke on the COVID-19 update and addressed the new guidance from the state, issued on Mar. 5, which addressed live performances. As of now, the county has not addressed programs such as the concerts in the park, but the hope is that these will be addressed with the future move to the orange tier, at which time guidance on how to proceed with these events will be provided. Additionally, at this time, half of the full-time staff relating to TCSD has received at least one dose of the vaccine. The vaccine is currently available to firefighters, wastewater workers, recreation center staff, as well as administrative support staff. 

The next item was the waiving of the first reading and adopting of the Ordinance No. 2021-2 codifying District Codes. In June 2017, the Board of Directors authorized the General Manager to enter into an agreement with Municode to codify the District’s Ordinances and host the District’s Ordinances and Resolutions on a fully searchable online platform. As new ordinances are adopted, they will be placed online periodically. This was adopted by the board unanimously, 4-0. 

Next, the General Manager presented a status update on options relating to outdoor water conservation programs. The recommendation was to revise the 2015 Irrigation Rebate program and place $30,000 for the program in the 2021-22 fiscal year proposed budget. The highest priority item related to a landscape retrofit to build concept, which was described in a November 2020 staff report as the ability to implement a landscape retrofit program to allow developers to reduce landscape water usage (such as by turf removal) on property owned by others in exchange for water service for a new use.

Director Navid Fardanesh addressed the possibility of exploring a rebate offered to community members who don’t use water softeners, as these systems are putting excess salt into the sewer system. Director Geoff English moved to approve staff recommendations on the water conservation program with the addition of investigating a potential water softener rebate program. Director Peterson seconded the motion, and the motion passed 4-0. 

Lastly, the General Manager’s report addressed the following three items:

  • Report on the closed session meeting that approved a no-cost lease with Nightmare on Main Street in which the latter is utilizing district property for storage in exchange for weed abatement on the property. 
  • The approval of a 1.6 percent CPI adjustment to Mid State Solid Waste service charges that will be effective Apr. 1
  • The planned vacation of General Manager Jeff Briltz from Mar. 29 to Apr. 1.

The full agenda from the meeting can be found online, and the next meeting is set for Apr. 6. 

Links to the live meeting and the agenda will be posted on the district’s website.