TCSD adjusts the water code to allow those on the water waitlist to have more time allowed to process a completed application

TEMPLETON — Templeton Community Services District met on Tuesday, Mar. 2, for a regularly scheduled meeting.

The meeting started with Fire Chief Tom Peterson presenting his two newest reserve firefighters with their pinning ceremony. Tyler Moore and Jacob Sabatino. The board congratulated the new members and welcomed them to the team.

Next was the consent agenda which Director Pamela Jardini moved to approve except for item B, CEQA Water Rights Extension, which was held for discussion.


General Manager Jeff Briltz addressed this topic, explaining that the district holds two permits for diverting water from the Salinas River. These permits specify the allowable dates and maximums the district can divert. As Templeton did not reach their maximum allowance, they are able to file a petition of extension with the state. The deadline is Dec. 31, but Briltz stated that a retroactive extension for request is permissible.

The petitions for an extension of time will not result in any changes or construction. They simply seek to extend the time needed to reach the maximum diversions that are covered by the 2006 mitigated negative declaration.

This item was put to motion after discussion and was passed by the TCSD 5-0.

Next was the COVID-19 updated from General Manager Briltz. He spoke to the return of several youth sports events as the county meets the needed benchmarks to reopen. “Our county had fallen below the 14 per 100,000 case rate. We were able to open up the softball and t-ball programs. Today’s news of moving into the red their reinforced that decision.” Said Briltz.

Looking forward, the district is hopeful of resuming a normal flag football program in the summer and soccer in the fall.

Director Debra Logan did note that while sporting events were returning, spectators are still asked to be restricted to only those necessary parents required for bringing children to games and practices.

The next presentation was the annual Fire and Emergency Services report, presented by Fire Chief Tom Peterson. He highlighted the accomplishments of 2020, which include the initiation of 24/7 staffing, among other items, as well as the items which couldn’t be completed in 2020 such as public education presentations at schools due to COVID-19 closures. He presented data on each fire vehicle and its status, as well as any suggested repairs.

Melissa Johnson, Recreation Supervisor, presented the plan for improvements to Evers Park, which cost approximately 1.1 million. The planned improvement includes the four highest priority items, which are the arrival walk at the entrance, the ADA sloped path to connect the parking lot to the park, a perimeter path around the park, and the exploration playground.

Director Jardini made a motion to approve moving forward with an RFP for the project development for the four items proposed. The motion was passed 5-0.

The last item of business was the adjustment to the language in the Water Code, which previously stated that a completed application was required, which would be adjusted to state that the application process must be started within 180 days and completed within two years of entering into a payment plan. This was approved 5-0 and will be presented on the consent agenda at the next meeting and will take effect 30 days after it is approved.

The next Templeton Community Services District is set for Mar. 16 and the agenda can be found on the district website when it becomes available.