As tradition, seniors walk through the elementary and middle school campuses in caps and gowns

TEMPLETON — Templeton High School seniors kicked off graduation festivities by taking their traditional “Senior Walk” through the other Templeton campuses on May 31. 

The 2022 graduating seniors — in their cap and gown garbs — walked through the Templeton tunnel connecting the high school and middle school campuses. As the seniors walked through the middle school and elementary campuses, they were greeted by the younger students with high-fives and cheers. 

Not only is the celebration the first of many graduation traditions, but it also demonstrates to the younger students that hard work pays off. Seniors are given the opportunity to see, celebrate, and thank the teachers and staff who helped them on their path to graduation. As many of the graduating seniors have been in the district since kindergarten, the walk is like a trip down memory lane for one last time. 


Young students make posters for the seniors, many of who were once in their place not long ago.

One senior shared, “It was pretty touching to see the elementary students with my teacher from years ago and remember that that was me nine years ago. It was great to see one of my favorite teachers is still inspiring those who will come after me.” 

Another student said, “I really should be studying for my finals, but I’m so glad I did the walk. I will never have the chance again to pass through these hallways as a student again of three schools that I spent so much time in. It brought back great memories and helped me as I see my time in the Templeton schools coming to an end next week.” 

Along with students and faculty lining the way were administrators and parents who proudly watched their students being celebrated for their hard work.