Inventory Managment

With three young boys, all with very different interests, sometimes I feel like the toys are taking over. Bruder trucks, with a large side of HotWheels, topped with all the Star Wars Legos! I have had to create some sort of method to this madness. Fortunately, I have one kiddo that gives me a hand keeping things in some sort of organized chaos.
My oldest is a tad on the neat freak side, like myself. He loves a clean room. I can always count on him to help move furniture and work on projects with me. My partner in crime.
Boy number two can make a room look like a bomb went off in it in less than 2.5 seconds and wouldn’t mind one bit if it stayed that way.
My three-year-old, well … he’s three.
I think what seems to makes life easier for the boys and myself is that EVERYTHING has a home. It makes cleaning up easier, less time trying to find that one thing and also helps to avoid missing and mixing parts. Our LEGO situation is golden. If the LEGOS are not built and placed on a shelf for display (and to collect dust) they share a storage box with its instructions and extra pieces.
I can’t begin to tell you how many happy customers from Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade, the boys have, due to how well they have cared for their toys. Here’s a comment from a happy customer, “If you have anymore stuff to sell, I’m your gal!”
Toward the end of November and before winter vacation, I like to sneak into the kids rooms and PURGE! If it hasn’t been touched in six months, doesn’t have any sentimental value, or won’t be loved by the next sibling, then it’s gone — donated, sold on Facebook or consigned at our local children’s consignment shop. And with Christmas right around the corner there couldn’t be a better time time to offer our preloved goodies with others. Selling on social media, like Buy Sell Trade or Craigslist, may be inconvenient when you are working.
Keeping up on your posts or meeting up with buyers, even the initial posting, can become a full time job. This is when consignment can be a life saver.
Baby’s Babble is a Children’s Consignment Boutique in Atascadero, accepting boys and girls clothes, from newborn up to size 14, for consignment. It’s as easy as making an appointment to take your goodies in to be sold for you. Baby gear such as cribs, strollers, toys and so much more are also welcomed..The boutique also carries a wide array of natural products for mama and baby as well as new clothes, shoes, and other fun and unique gifts.
The owner, Gabby, is always coordinating great events to help the community and bring local moms together. $10 bag day is a big event put on by the boutique once or twice a year, advertised on Facebook and Instagram. Just a quick RSVP via phone or social media and you are in! Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @babys_babble! Don’t let the toys take over and start your New Year off right!
Happy 2019!