In their vision for fall, Templeton Unified School District seeks to create opportunities that focus on academic, emotional, social, and physical development and restore the traditional school experience to the greatest extent possible.

TEMPLETON – The Templeton Unified School Board of Trustees met on Thursday, Feb. 25 and Superintendent Asplund facilitated an initial exploration of proactive and progressive strategies to address the vision for the fall of 2021. Administrators, educators, and parents came together with a shared goal to restore the traditional daily in-person school experience to the greatest extent possible.

For the last few months, discussions have taken place with community stakeholders and was presented to the Board that committing to open schools to the fullest extent possible while following the county and State regulators’ guidelines.

“Our priority is to get out of this mode and to do so safely,” said Jan Nimick, School Board Trustee.


The dialogue centered around a multi-dimensional view of safety and wellness for students’ physical health, with equal consideration of strengthening and protecting social and emotional wellness. Added academic supports will augment enrichment activities, athletics, performing arts – all those complementary activities associated with whole-child development.

Recognizing families’ diverse needs and perspectives, the District aims to provide daily in-person learning, distance learning, and homeschool opportunities for K-12 in the fall.

Throughout the evening, Superintendent Asplund illustrated an ambitious yet realistic outlook for the coming months.

“We will no doubt be challenged by regulatory guidelines and forces outside of our control throughout the planning process,” he said. “Regardless, will do everything within the bounds of these regulations to get students back to school and maximize their opportunities.”

Community members that are solutions-oriented were asked to participate in future workgroups, community forums, and surveys. They are being asked to rise to the occasion and even “soar to great heights” in true Eagle Pride fashion. Workgroups and forums will have an informational nature with an added focus on ideas, workarounds, and creative solutions.

Templeton schools state that they pride themselves on engaging and working collaboratively with students, families, and the community to create systems. This develops character, academics, global awareness, economic, artistic, civic, digital, and health literacy, allowing our youth numerous options in the pursuit of an ethical and prosperous life in the 21st Century.

Templeton is currently enrolling students for fall 2021-22. To find out more, visit or call (805)434-5805.