ATASCADERO – Atascadero City Council schedules a Special Meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 6 p.m. to discuss the following agenda items:

1. Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant

Fiscal Impact: The adoption of this temporary emergency grant program would result in a direct fiscal impact to the General Fund in the amount of $250,000. Additional expenditures as a result of staff time and resources is expected to result in costs up to $20,000. Staff time expended on this program will not be recouped in full; however, there is a potential for some long term revenue benefit as a result of maintaining business in Atascadero.

Recommendation: Council adopt Draft Resolution authorizing the City Manager to allocate up to $250,000 from the General Fund towards an emergency grant program to assist small businesses that have demonstrated significant financial impacts due to emergency business closures as a result of COVID-19.


In addition, Mayor Heather Moreno and City Manager Rachelle Rickard will address other COVID-19 updates.  

The Agenda is now available online. You may access the agenda and agenda packet via the following links:

UPDATE: To view the meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 15, click here. It has been changed to a Zoom meeting.