By Blake Ashley Frino-Gerl

Looking for care regarding injuries, pain, malfunctions, or basic mobility is essential when it comes to improving daily lives. When a business meets the needs of that care, it thrives. Hart Family Chiropractic in Atascadero has been serving the community for close to 30 years with the goal to assist patients of all ages in obtaining optimum health. 

Dr. Darren R. Hart, who was born and raised in Atascadero and attended Atascadero High School, Cal Poly and Palmer College of Chiropractic, started his practice in 1994. After getting a lifesaving adjustment as a young child, he became inspired. In fact, most of the employees there has a story related to chiropractic care, and it relieving symptoms they were experiencing.


Working with Dr. Jon Wells, who is now the primary chiropractor, and Dr. Dieter, Hart also hired his nephew Justin Hart as the care coordinator, chiropractic assistant Lindsay Trupe and office manager Elle Freeman. There are two massage therapists, Seth Daugherty and Rachel Wisener.

Specialized services provided are to offer a natural, holistic, and drug-free approach to health. Patients get help maintaining spinal alignment, restored balance, and increasing the life, health, and energy in the body.

They also see expectant moms and work with their spine and nervous system throughout all stages of pregnancy, pre and post-partum. In addition, they have alleviated pinched nerves causing heart dysfunction. They were able to bring a patient back to his active lifestyle that specialists couldn’t figure out.

Working with the community is important and so “each year Hart Family Chiropractic donates to Okalhaven Children’s Chiropractic Center, an organization specializing in getting chiropractic care to children in need,” Freeman says. In the past Dr. Hart has also volunteered with Chirofeed, a local event for chiropractors to feed the homeless community. 

Hart Family Chiropractic has been providing an assortment of wellness and full body restoration for those in need of it. The business has sustained as a result of the compassionate care they put forth towards each individual that walks through the door.


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