By Blake Ashley Frino-Gerl

The passion at Shift’N Gears Garage is making what is old new again. Shift’N Gears Garage is a full-service auto repair and undercar specialist shop located in Paso Robles. Its ASE Certified technicians all have a love of classic cars and trucks and are eager to revive life back into an iconic vehicles and get them back in gear and ready for miles of driving. 

Shift’N Gears Garage

Husband-and-wife owners Leigh-Ann and Jimmy Purdy, lead ASE Master Certified Technician, opened the garage in 2017. Their team has years of experience of improving and perfecting all kinds of vehicles, both domestic and import. 


Their facility is fully equipped with advanced diagnostics to accurately identify problems under the hood. Their staff is prepared to figure out any problem or issue that arises and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Leigh-Ann regards the automotive repair industry as vast: “We are required to be electricians, plumbers, welders, chemists, even IT professionals to be qualified to repair most vehicles. Every day is a new challenge and that’s just the vehicle aspect.” 

In addition, they “have committed to a number of things to help elevate the industry and transparency between consumer and shop …” by way of their local weekly radio program on KPRL and numerous spots on national podcasts and local magazines, as well as “joining in on many of the local auto events and continuing with Paso Robles High School as the career technical industry partner for the transportation program.” 

Leigh Ann Office
Shift’N Gears Garage

Shift N’ Gears employees embrace their specialty of work and necessity for people. 

“We help people when they are sometimes at their most vulnerable and frustrated because when someone loses their car, in this society, that means their freedom,” Leigh-Ann says. 

Seeing people come in within the county the couple both grew up in is significant to them. “It’s really something special to have your second-grade teacher or your best friend’s mom come in and take care of them,” Leigh-Ann says. “To know that you’re giving back and providing livelihoods for talented, passionate people is something we don’t take for granted.”

Shift’N Gears

(805) 257-1005

1621 N. River Road, Unit 7, Paso Robles


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