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Rev. Elizabeth Rowley is an independent columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email her at revelizabeth@cccsl.org.

Merriam-Webster defines revolution as a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something, a change of paradigm.

When we experience a revolution in consciousness, we call it an a-ha moment, a spiritual awakening, or even enlightenment. It’s what’s called for when things appear to be not working in life, and one realizes there is an old belief system operating on an unconscious level. There is an awareness that something needs to shift, but one can’t always pinpoint it because it is unconscious. Sound familiar?

Time for a revolution in the way life is perceived. Why does this always happen to me? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with them? I’m unlovable. Who do I think I am? It never works out for me; it always works out for others.

In such moments, I encourage students to spend more time in meditation. Meditation allows individuals to be inwardly focused and trains them to look within for the answers rather than seek outside of themselves. The false belief reveals itself as a sentence or a feeling in response to some stimuli. Take that one sentence and affirm the opposite for yourself every time it comes up. You form your new belief through this practice of training your mind to believe something new.


You have the power to create a life you love that is in your ability to choose the thoughts upon which you dwell. Life isn’t happening to you; it’s happening for you. There is nothing wrong here, never was, never will be. You are loved, loving, and lovable. You are a bright, luminous soul here to shine your glorious, radiant light inward and outward to all. You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you can imagine, and stunningly gorgeous. You celebrate the wins of others because when others win, so do you. Say aloud, “It’s my time to shine. I came here to thrive. I am living my divine purpose. I am whole, perfect, complete, and all is well.”
There might be a tiny, meek voice that says, “No, you’re not.” Take a backward step and become the observer. As you witness a thought like this, you know to be false, in your mind’s eye, imagine a bubble. Now place that thought inside the bubble. Let the bubble float into the palm of your hand, then blow that bubble away. When the next false thought arises, do the same. Keep blowing those bubbles away until your mind is still with no thought. Feel the peace of the absence of thought wash over and through you. Consider every cell in your body illuminated by divine healing light.

Your revolution is progressing. The more you can blow those thought bubbles of false beliefs away, the freer you become. Seeing your own life transformed, you learn that you can also affect change in the collective consciousness. How will you contribute to the revolution in our collective consciousness?

And so it is.