As an avowed Progressive, Ellen Beraud is running for Debbie Arnold’s seat and maligning her solid record. 

Having recently received one of Beraud’s mailers, it was rife with misdirection and misstated “facts.” Her literature claims that she will “not represent special interests.” Yet she has taken $37,600 in campaign contributions from the marijuana industry. That’s not a “contribution”, that’s an “investment”, one that reveals the fact that she will indeed be representing “special interests.”

The same is true with her position on groundwater management. While Debbie Arnold championed the groundwater initiative of 2016 to locally manage our groundwater resources that was passed by nearly 80 percent of you the voters, Beraud wants to undo that decision and put our groundwater in the hands of a few wealthy wine moguls to manage it for the benefit of a few at your and my expense. Her contributions from “big wine” is yet another of her special interests.


As of Feb. 10, 2020 her connection to special interest is very apparent as listed on her web-site under the heading of  “Endorsements,” all endorsements listed are from union’s, progressive organizations and organizations not one from an actual person who votes. An actual person who lives here, that to me really shows who she supports and will represent and it is not me and you.

Debbie Arnold cares about people, you and me and public service. Beraud and her new Progressives only care about special interests and power. Please vote for Debbie Arnold Board of Supervisors.

Ray M. Buban,