I want to caution 5th District voters about voting for Ellen Beraud. Voting for a liberal progressive candidates could be the start of deterioration of our community and county. We don’t want to be as liberal as San Francisco and Los Angeles, as they started small, sanctuary protection and open borders. 

Ellen Beraud could be our turning point. She voted against veterans and the veterans memorial, “Faces of Freedom” where those service members of San Luis Obispo County gave their lives for our precious freedom, and have their names inscribed on the granite walls. 

Candidate Beraud states she can improve the economy — that is a false statement, as she voted against Walmart and any commercial large building. Atascadero would certainly be in a much better financial situation if we had the planned Walmart. This also shows that she does not vote for the majority as 78 percent of voters supported a building for Walmart. 


When hard decisions are before the supervisors you can be assured that Debbie Arnold will be there to cast her vote and not run from her responsibility, as Ellen Beraud has done when on the City Council, requiring staff to go look for her. 

Make sure yours and my supervisor is present to vote for us. Cast your vote for Debbie Arnold, 5th District Supervisor. 

Bob Wilkins,