On October 7, over a thousand Hamas Muslim terrorists infiltrated the Israeli-Gaza border and conducted a vicious attack against adjacent Jewish communities. They murdered families in their homes, torturing, mutilating, raping women and girls (including tender-age girls), slaughtering children, even infants, in their beds before they killed everyone they could in cold blood. They burned children alive in front of their parents before killing the parents, usually in the most horrendous way possible. They machine-gunned hundreds of youth attending a music festival, slaughtering everyone not able to escape. They rained down thousands of rockets upon peaceful neighborhoods. What they did to Israel, killing over 1400 civilians in an unprovoked surprise attack, was an unspeakable atrocity and clearly, indisputably by any legal or military standard, a war crime and crimes against humanity. In terms of population, a similar attack upon us would have killed 40,000 and wounded another 200,000 civilians, comparable to detonating a small nuclear device in New York City.

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Al Fonzi is an independent opinion columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email him at atascaderocolumnist@gmail.com.

Yet the world yawned, then expressed outrage, at Israel for the crime of being Jewish and existing. Thousands of college students have taken to the streets to applaud an attempt of genocide against the Jews, chanting slogans calling for killing of more Jews and the destruction of Israel. That outrage was further compounded last Friday when the United Nations passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire by Israel, chastising it for its military response to the most barbaric atrocity committed against the Jewish people since the Nazi Holocaust. Not a single word of that resolution mentioned Hamas. It passed 120 to 14 (the United States voted against) with 65 abstentions (lots of moral courage there). 

I’m not surprised by the moral bankruptcy of university students these days. The hatred of Israel and the Jewish people has been part of the moral rot peddled in the political science, history, and social studies departments in universities for decades. It was there when I attended university 50 years ago and usually took the form of casting America as evil, Western Civilization corrupt at best, and the enemy of mankind at worst.


The weapon used to blind people to the truth is the lie. One lie is that Israel is an apartheid state; did you know that Israel consists of a population of over 9 million, of which 2 million are Arabs? They live peaceably beside their Jewish neighbors, have homes, hold public office, serve in the Israeli parliament, courts, and even the Israeli army with the same rights as Jews. They do so in preference to living in the totalitarian, impoverished areas governed by so-called Palestinian authorities which are corrupt, crime-ridden and teach their children to hate and glorify death.

Second, Israel is not occupying Gaza. It left Gaza 18 years ago, in 2005. Gaza had elections which Hamas won, mostly by murdering the opposition, literally throwing political rivals off the roofs of buildings. They then proceeded to destroy every piece of infrastructure left behind by the Israelis, such as agriculture projects and the public water system. They dug up the water pipes and used the pipes to manufacture rockets to fire at Israel.

Third, Israel has repeatedly accepted international peace proposals to grant so-called Palestinians their own state (before 1967, everyone, Israelis and Arabs alike were identified as “Palestinians”). Upon its recognition as a state by the UN in 1947, Israel accepted the two-state solution even as 800,000 Jews were expelled from Arab nations without compensation for their property. Under President Clinton, the Palestinians were offered over 95% of everything they wanted and Israel agreed to it; the Palestinians under Arafat walked away and started an Intifada resulting in over a thousand dead. They wanted it all and the Jews dead, their mantra for over 1300 years of Jihad.

Another lie is that Israel targeted a hospital in Gaza. The hospital remains intact, an errant rocket hit a parking lot and killed not 500 as Hamas claimed but a far lesser number. Bombs leave big craters, 20-30 feet across, 10-15 feet deep; rockets don’t. There was no bomb crater, just some burned cars over a small area with nearby cars intact. Any military analyst will tell you it was a rocket, which as videos and recorded radio transmissions reveal was fired by Islamic Jihad. They accidentally killed their own people.

Jihad is real and continues against the West. The tactics used today are directed at civilians and are war crimes under today’s international laws. President Biden made an impassioned speech proclaiming his support for Israel and his personal outrage at the atrocities committed against the Jewish people. He needs to do more: direct the Justice Department to issue arrest warrants for murder against any member of Hamas and those who lend them support of any kind. Hamas was designated a terrorist organization in 1997; they killed at least 30 Americans in their terrorist assault on Israel, kidnapped maybe a dozen more and are holding them hostage. We need to hunt them down just as we did Nazis after WWII.

Iran assisted in training and preparation for this assault; Hamas and Iran have both boasted of this, just as Hamas terrorists filmed their atrocities and posted them as videos to the internet as they committed their crimes. Hamas must be destroyed and it’s time to call Iran to account. It’s provided hundreds of millions of dollars to Hamas and has killed nearly a thousand Americans since the Mullahs of Iran seized power in 1979. It’s time to make official U.S. policy towards Iran regime change. Arm, train and support the resistance movement within Iran and make the Iranian Mullahs fear the rising of every morning sun.