Have you seen these articles: ‘No Climate Emergency,’ Meteorologists, Scientists Say,’ ‘Nobel Winner Rebuts Climate Alarm,’ Climate Studies Show Consensus Claims to Be Based Upon Bullying, Not Science,’ ‘Climate Change Hasn’t Set the World on Fire,’ Eliminating Fossil Fuels Will Produce a Crippling Decline in Human Well Being,’ ‘Why California while spending billions, is still vulnerable to fires,’ ‘China Benefits Directly From US Energy Policy.’ 

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Al Fonzi is an independent opinion columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email him at atascaderocolumnist@gmail.com.


These are only a small portion of articles avoided by much of what is described as the mainstream or national press, including the major TV networks. There is a vast array of information that is being willfully suppressed, denying the public of the ability to make informed, rational decisions on policies across a wide spectrum of issues, be they related to climate/energy policies, social issues or national security, including what is happening on our southern border. Regarding the latter, about 7 million migrants have illegally crossed that extremely open border since Biden became President. His Secretary of Homeland Security forcefully and repeatedly insists the border is closed and secure and that we aren’t supposed to believe our eyes (if local news covers the story) that shows streams of people crossing every day; last week the numbers increased to over 11,000 migrants per day.

On climate, there is a vast array of evidence supported by some of the most distinguished scientists in the world, including Nobel Prize laureates, such as Dr. John Clauser and Dr. Richard Lindzen, who strongly object to the alarmism surrounding climate studies. The censorship experienced by scientists who wish to be scientists, studying the issue in pursuit of facts wherever those facts might lead them, is real and ominous for all of us. They say that the facts don’t lead them to predictions of climate catastrophe and express grave concerns that the trillions being spent globally on the issue of climate are misspent, ineffective and will increase global human misery, especially among the most vulnerable communities. Starvation of millions will occur and the economic dislocation in the industrialized countries will lead to mass poverty and the restriction of liberties now taken for granted. 

Expressing those views in academia has led to censorship, social isolation and purging from their communities. In the worst cases, academics who dare to dissent have been fired, tenure revoked, scientific journals threatened with boycotts and peer-reviewed studies purged or ignored, all to ensure that you, as a member of the public never see or hear that there is not the “scientific consensus” on climate that politicians insist exists. Why? There are fortunes to be made and as usual, a few are making vast sums of money at your expense. Government subsidies for electric cars and national/state polices demanding that 60 percent of new cars sold be “emission-free” by artificial dates such as 2030 or 2035 are leading to layoffs of thousands of auto workers and reductions in standards of living for millions of Americans. No matter federal subsidies to make electric cars that Americans can’t afford, the electrical grid can’t support and dealers can’t sell continue unabated. 

The federal Environmental Protection Agency continues to promulgate regulations that will put oil refineries out of business even as oil approaches $100 per barrel, gas in California approaches $6 or $7 per gallon and analysts predict oil may soon sell for $150/barrel. For California that could mean gas selling for $10 or more per gallon. You can’t increase minimum wages forever to keep up; for the middle class it’s a severe hardship; for the working poor and others it’s a financial disaster and extreme poverty, all because self-appointed elites wish to virtue signal their support of a utopian environmental dream that requires poverty and tyranny to accomplish, except it doesn’t accomplish anything of the sort.

All the measures taken by American environmental policies and law will accomplish nothing; we can shut the entire American economy down, and the reduction of our emissions to zero will not even move the global temperature needle down one degree in the next century. 

China, India, and other developing nations are not reducing their emissions but vastly increasing them with the building of coal-fired power plants and industrializing their countries at a rapid pace. They are building the components for the solar and wind industries the West are adopting even as we lose millions of jobs in this country. We refuse to build the infrastructure to support the electrical grid that an all-electric vehicle fleet requires, such as nuclear power plants which you would think a “climate emergency” would justify, even as we ignore the benefits of natural gas to our economy that has reduced our emissions to the levels existing in 1992. None of this matters to climate alarmists. Perhaps this is because the elites have no intention of allowing you to own or drive a privately owned vehicle?

The policies preferred in America and the “environmentally woke” are to pursue technologies and policies that demand severe restrictions on our freedom, what we drive, where and when we drive, future tracking of everywhere you go and likely restrictions on where and how you travel, if at all are coming to America. These policies already exist overseas and are being proposed for us in academic policy journals. Tyranny is coming and only you can stop it.