Approximately 150 residents hosted sales 

ATASCADERO — Locals and bargain hunters from all over headed out on Saturday, April 15, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the 6th Annual Atascadero Citywide Yard Sale. Up and down the streets of the city, there were yard sale signs, cars parked on the winding roads, and friends and strangers hunting for used treasures in the sun. With close to 150 vendors, there was something for everyone.

“We had about the same [amount of vendors] as last year officially sign up, approximately 110, with some of those being communities like The Lakes with many households participating,” stated event organizer Kate Auslen. “And there are always others who jump in unofficially and host a sale when they hear about it, so we estimate 150 total.” 

And it wasn’t just locals who participated in all the fun. Auslen also commented that more people drove in from out of town than in the last five years for shopping deals. All shoppers could find a digital map online or could print one out for themselves. Atascadero News also printed the map in the paper.


Local resident Jim Vincolisi stated that he had sold over 50 percent of the items he had put out that day, with only a couple hours of the yard sale left to go. 

“We’ve had good action. Moving some stuff out,” added Vincolisi.

Many other sellers and shoppers could be heard saying the turnout was great. And there was excitement about all the good deals people were finding on needed items, especially with prices rising; it was the perfect time to go hit up some yard sales.

“I personally went to dozens of sales and got a kick out of all the extra cars parked on the side of the road and crowds of bargain hunters on certain streets where multiple neighbors were having sales,” said Auslen.

The Citywide Yard Sale isn’t just a bargain hunter’s delight. It’s also a fundraiser for Joy Playground at Colony Park. Joy Playground opened in 2019 and is an all-inclusive playground for all children, including those with special needs.

On top of that, the yard sale also brings tourists to the area to see everything that Atascadero has to offer while also snagging good deals and meeting new friends.

The Atascadero Citywide Yard Sale is held in partnership with Atascadero City.