The Open House was the conclusion to the skate and scooter park’s sold-out Summer Scooter Camp

ATASCADERO — On Wednesday, June 15, from 11 a.m. to noon, members of the community got together for the Summer Blowout Camp Day & Open House at ATown Park. The Open House was the conclusion to the skate and scooter park’s sold-out Summer Scooter Camp that ran from June 13-15.

A row of chairs filled with city staff, Atascadero’s City Council, and other Atascadero officials lined the 8,000-square-foot indoor part of the 15,000-square-foot facility.

“Today was awesome. It was bringing our city staff, council, and leadership locally into ATown Park to experience what goes on every day here,” said ATown Park owner Kevin Campion. “We’re just finishing up a camp, a three-day camp, so the opportunity with the kids from camp having fine-tuned their skills, being able to share that with the council and our dignitaries was just optimal. I couldn’t pass it up.”


Riders who participated in the camp and ATown Park staff, including alumni Chris Farris, who is currently ranked the No. 1 scooter champion in the USA, showed off their skills for the audience. The kids also spoke about what they’ve learned and have gotten out of being a part of ATown Park.

“It’s really incredible. It’s a place for young kids to come, and it’s something for them to do, something that’s out of the ordinary for a lot of places,” said Atascadero’s Mayor Heather Moreno. “I think they [the kids] learn such great lessons here in terms of a lot of them speaking, talking about the friends they have, the community, feeling excepted, and of course, enjoying the athleticism of it.” 

Campion was awarded Atascadero’s Citizen of the Year for 2021 and recognized for his work with the youth of Atascadero. He and his wife, Andrea, have been running ATown Park for nearly 15 years. The Campions have been partnering with the city for the same length of time, with the city helping ATown Park out with upgrades and maintenance on the skate park.

“Citizen of the Year, it would have never happened without Andrea,” Kevin Campion said. “Day-to-day operations, they would never happen without Andrea.” 

On top of the day’s demonstrations, Campion also gave shout-outs to his camp coaches as well as performing DJ duties while the kids showed off their scooter skills.

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