On Monday the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office was involved in a multi-agency probation compliance check conducted in the North County. Thirteen people were arrested who either had charges or were found not to be in compliance with the terms of their probation or parole. Of the 13, one was cited and released.

Sheriff’s Deputies, Sheriff’s Gang Task Force members, San Luis Obispo County Probation, CHP, Atascadero State Hospital Police Department, Paso Robles Police Department, Atascadero Police Department, San Luis Obispo Police Department and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Parole Unit were all involved in the probation compliance check.

Specialized probation compliance checks are conducted periodically across the county in an effort to deter crime and enforce probation terms of people released from custody or wanted on specific charges.

The following people were arrested in the probation compliance check:

  • Lisa Becerra, 47, Paso Robles, probation violation
  • Felix Becerra, 49, Paso Robles, probation violation
  • Christopher Burrell, 44, Atascadero, PRCS violator and possession of stun gun by felon
  • Paul Yciano, 22, Paso Robles, probation violation
  • Clayton Linell, 19, Paso Robles, probation violation and warrant
  • Lia Taylor, 49, Paso Robles, probation violation
  • Prentice Booker, 59, Paso Robles, sale of a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of paraphernalia
  • Scott Helberg, 33, Paso Robles, parole violation
  • Enrique Rubio, 35, Paso Robles, parole violation
  • James Casselman, 32, Paso Robles, possessions of short barreled rifle/shotgun, possession of a zip gun
  • Brandon Hampton, 39, Paso Robles, probation violation
  • Corey Kelley-Armer, 37, Paso Robles, warrants