We are welcoming in the new year with open arms, open hearts, and as so many have already referenced, 2020 Vision with open eyes. We have a lot of exciting opportunities facing us this year. After publishing the newspapers for almost six months now and consolidating two major local print companies under our roof, we are excited to begin Phase II of the process and improve the overall content in all our local publications.

Coincidentally, Phase II will also bring us an overall brand change. We have operated under the name Colony Media for several years. Due to a conflict, we could not reconcile at the corporate level with an existing company already incorporated under that name, we have chosen to migrate toward our existing corporate name of 13 Stars and run our print and digital publishing products under the DBA 13 Stars Media.

With this change, the names of each publication will be at the forefront within the communities, which will allow them to have their own identity and continued community support.  

So why 13 Stars? The number thirteen has proven to be very lucky to our family and has been present throughout many significant moments in our life together. As for Stars, we believe that everyone is destined for greatness, and no matter what stars were aligned when you were born, you have the opportunity to change them at any time. 


As we continue forward, we will strive to bring the very best in print and media services as well as create a company that inspires and allows greatness to grow. We value our time here and want to be sure that we are doing our part to build a better community on good and honest reporting of the stories that make a difference, and that impacts our lives. We believe that together we can do so much more. 

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a prosperous 2020.

– Hayley & Nic Mattson