Debbie Arnold

District 5 County Supervisor Debbie Arnold

I want to thank Nic and Hayley for the opportunity to share some news and information with you. This year has really started off with a bang when it comes to some much-needed rainfall. On February 6, County Public Works reported that the Salinas Dam Reservoir (Santa Margarita Lake) was 100 percent full. Whale Rock Reservoir was reported to be 77 percent full, Lopez Reservoir 44 percent full, and Nacimiento 48 percent full. With more rain on the way, I am confident we will see all of the reservoirs full by spring. Besides a plentiful seasonal water supply, the rains have turned our hillsides a beautiful shade of green. The County Public Works Department has been very busy removing down trees, clearing mud from roadways, and monitoring hazardous conditions, but I know that through it all, they are grateful for the full reservoirs.
Another plus to a wet winter is the beautiful spring that is sure to follow. We live in such a scenic county and following these winter storms will be warmer sunny weather. I’m looking forward to some San Luis Obispo County outdoor activities and the kind of days that make us all appreciate where we live.
For a real adventure, a trip to the National Monument out on the Carrizo Plains in the springtime can’t be beat. Another opportunity to enjoy breathtaking scenery here at home is a visit to the Los Padres National Forest. The National Forest can be accessed throughout the County, including High Mountain Road in Pozo or Lopez lake. Both locations offer trials for hiking, biking, horseback riding and four wheeling.
The County Park System offers many recreational opportunities for all ages including campgrounds, pools, playgrounds, golf, picnic areas and more. The County offers golf courses at El Chorro Regional Park, Morro Bay, and Chalk Mountain in Atascadero.
There are a host of trails and camping opportunities at Santa Margarita lake. The Jim Green Trail at Heilmann Regional Park offers hiking trails through beautiful oak woodlands just minutes from downtown Atascadero. And of course, Lopez Lake Recreational Area offers many miles of trails as well as camping and boating activities. Over the past few years, the County has partnered with other organizations to bring more parks and trails to the area. The 900+ acre Pismo Preserve, when fully open, will provide trails with breathtaking views along the coast. The County has also financially supported the expansion of the Bob Jones Trail, as well as the turn lane to the Octagon Barn staging area.
Most County, State and Federal parks offer trails and activities for hiking, biking and horseback riding and are dog friendly. For a list of local trails, please visit I hope you and your family will take the opportunity to explore the outdoors.
It’s an honor to represent the 5th District.

– Debbie Arnold,
5th District County Supervisor