ATASCADERO — Thursday afternoon at the Lake Pavilion, the Atascadero Rotary handed a check for $1,000 as a donation to the Friends of the Atascadero Lake. Rotary member Don Giessinger presented the check to the six board members of Friends of Atascadero Lake that were in attendance to receive it.

“The Atascadero Rotary Club is extremely happy to make a donation of $1,000 to the Atascadero Lake,” Giessinger said in his statement to the media. “We feel the lake is very important, a crown jewel to our community. The Atascadero Rotary is always trying to bring happiness and support to our local community. We hope with this donation it will continue to help the Atascadero Lake be a focal point for families to enjoy the wildlife and scenery.”

The Friends of the Atascadero Lake is a group dedicated to the ongoing improvement, enhancement, universal appreciation, and enjoyment of the Atascadero Lake. The group commits their time and resources toward assuring the water quality and aesthetics of the beloved body of water.

The members present at the ceremony to receive the donation were Dena Kaigel, Olan Kaigel, Bob Edmonds, Don Lynge, Paul Murphy and Nancy Hair. The board also has seven additional members in Mark and Kathy Hontz, Dick and Wendy Pierce, Barbara Combs, Jon Trumbull, and Michelle Harms.


“Don [Giessinger] has been a huge supporter of our work and instrumental in helping us drill the well that feeds Atascadero Lake,” The Friends of Atascadero said in their statement. “We are most grateful for this generous donation. With all the negative news, this ‘good news’ story will be positive for our community. Atascadero Lake has been a focal point for folks wanting to get outside and safely socialize, exercise, fish, or just enjoy nature.”