Saturday afternoon a dozen hard-working, river-loving Beaver Brigade members and friends collected 25 big bags of trash at an abandoned homeless encampment along the Salinas riverbed in Atascadero. Tires, plastic bags and bottles, bicycle parts and other junk was removed just a few feet away from an active beaver dam to prevent injury to the furry critters and further pollution of the river. 

The Atascadero Mutual Water Company provided gloves and trash bags for the clean up and the City of Atascadero took care of the trash. 

The environmental conservation organization is based in San Luis Obispo that is dedicated to educating our county about the presence of beavers living in our county and their role as a keystone species. 

The Beaver Brigade will clean up four more abandoned camps next Sunday, August 16 starting at 5 pm. Those interested can contact Kate for more information at