Lisa Renée Falk’s love of creating distinctive glass designs with bold, brilliant colors is felt the minute you step into her workspace at glasshead studio on Plata Lane in Atascadero.

The studio boasts an open, airy floor plan centered around a large worktable that beckons people to gather and create. Falk’s artistic designs are on display throughout the space, including garments fabricated with glass discs made into wearable fashions, purses imbued with glass adornments, mosaic mirrors and colorful dishes and terrariums. 

Falk, who opened the studio in June after relocating to Atascadero from San Jose, where she co-founded Infuse Glass Studio, said she is inspired by shapes, colors, textures, nature and photography — anything that captures her attention and sparks imagination. 

“I love going to art museums, galleries and discovering new artists,” Falk said. 


She first ventured into art when she enrolled at San Jose State University to pursue an art degree and explore her love of glassblowing. While there, an instructor encouraged her to attend a Glass Art Society conference at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, which included a glass fashion show organized by Canadian glass artist Laura Donefer. Falk created her first dress with fused glass discs, fiberglass netting, bird netting and embroidery thread for the event, inspiring her to eventually create several more outfits using the glass fabric design. 

Her creativity doesn’t end there. A love for mixed media such as feathers, fabric, wood, and cast bronze has led her to design purses, feathered brooches, wall hangings and jewelry. “I’m a tactile person and when I am making art, I want to touch and feel the elements of what I am designing,” Falk said. “The process of firing glass is hot and sweaty, and you are in the element of it. That is what speaks to me.” 

Falk said hosting an open studio allows her to share that passion and experience. 

“It allows me to interact with other people who contribute their perspectives about art and the creative process,” she said. 

An assortment of classes are offered at Glasshead Studio ranging from creating a seahorse or tile mosaic to making fused glass plates or bowls. In December, Falk is offering a fused glass ornament workshop. Individuals of all skill levels are welcome to attend classes. 

“I love to see the happiness on a student’s face when they have just created something at my studio that they are proud to display,” Falk said. “Kids are welcome as long as they can pay attention, follow directions and respect the materials.”