The Foundation has raised over $500,000 in total from the community

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero Printery Foundation hosted its yearly Founders Reception on Sunday, Nov. 13, at the Community Church of Atascadero. The Printery Foundation board members and supporters of the performing arts space gathered for a silent auction, live performances, and an update on the foundation’s fundraising efforts. 

There were performances from the Atascadero Printery Foundation’s 1st Annual Talent Show Winners, Class Act Dance, Shea Angles (who sang), Julz Muya (who played the piano), and Kobe Wescom (who performed a live monologue from Shakespeare).

“We had some great live performances and good music,” said Atascadero Printery Foundation President Karen McNamara.


After his monologue, Wescom went on to give a speech about how the arts have affected his life and how much the North County needs a usable facility this side of the Cuesta Grade.

“We don’t have any public community performance centers in Northern San Luis Obispo County. There is not one,” added McNamara.

On top of the performances and auction, the board gave an annual update for the attendees of the reception, themed It’s Time.

“We updated everyone on where we’re at in fundraising. At the reception, we accepted a check from the Atascadero Performing Arts Center Committee for $13,700, which completed the match to the gift that we were pledged last year at the Founder’s Reception of $100,000,” continued McNamara.

The match was raised in a year, and at the reception, they officially received the $100,000 donation from Jennifer and Lucas Pierce. 

“Now we have $200,000 in our red tag fund. That’s just the red tag removal fund. That’s not what our general fund is,” McNamara said. “That tells me that the community is behind our project. We’ve raised total this year; it’s been at least $300,000 that we’ve raised this year.”

The Foundation has been working toward the goal of getting the red tag off the Printery building and getting people in the doors. McNamara also stated that they shared the sustainability of getting the Printery functioning and open to the public in their business plan. 

“Our business plan looks very, very good for the sustainability of the project because of the many, many uses. So we kind of drove that home a bit,” she added.

At the reception, at least $20,000 additional dollars were raised for the Printery’s general fund.

“It was just a wonderful event. Everything turned out beautifully,” McNamara said. “We’re well over $500,000 that we’ve gotten from the community [in total]. Cause this $200,000 is just our red tag campaign.” 

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