Atascadero adopts new Sewer Service Charges

ATASCADERO—The Atascadero City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, June 28, at 6 p.m. The hybrid meeting was held in the City Council Chambers and preceded the council’s 5 p.m. closed session.

The night’s agenda and the consent calendar both passed unanimously at the start of the meeting.

During Community Forum, Frank Rimkus, CEO and co-founder of Galaxy Theatres and the managing partner of Galaxy Theatre Atascadero, addressed the council. The Galaxy Theatre operator announced on Thursday, June 23, that they would be vacating the Atascadero theater location end of the day, and the theater has been closed since.


“I came up here today for really one reason, and that is to address all of you and say thank you,” said Rimkus. “It’s bittersweet that we’re leaving. We’re not leaving because of our decisions, but other decisions. But I would say reflecting on a positive note, we’ve had 11 years of a wonderful experience here in Atascadero with the people. We made a lot of friends, we’ve got a lot of stories, we’ve got a lot of support. I want you to know we really appreciate the love and the support for that theatre over the years.”

Rimkus went on to say that the city has a theater that is a landmark that is well known; he also added that the theater is still in good condition and usable. 

The Sanborn Theatres family cinema business will replace Galaxy Theatre as operator. Sanborn Theatres is a local operator that also runs the Downtown Centre Cinemas in San Luis Obispo.

Also during Community Forum, people asked what would happen with their Galaxy Theatre gift cards. Mayor Heather Moreno stated that the city has no jurisdiction over gift cards and that the matter would need to be dealt with through Galaxy. She then gave out a number at the end of the meeting. The number for people to contact is (888) 407-9874.

The first public hearing of the night was Adopting Sewer Service Charges to be Added to the 2022-2023 Property Tax Rolls.

On the May 10 meeting, the council passed a rate increase of approximately 18 percent to 19 percent. The City estimates it will collect $3,925,563 in sewer service charges for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.

The draft resolution was adopted unanimously.

The night’s second public hearing was regarding the Del Rio Marketplace (AMND19-0063). 

The project, which is located on the corner of Del Rio Road and El Camino Real and will feature a Valley Fresh Market as the proposed hub. The zoning is commercial/retail, and the site is just over 11 acres. 

As the project was discussed, council members brought up a few concerns regarding building height, solar rites, and noise. 

“I think what we’ve been able to do is mitigate some of the privacy concerns,” said Mayor Moreno. “Trying to make sure that we protect as much of the solar as we can, and insuring that whatever does get built doesn’t exceed what has been shown in the modeling.”

Five key points were amended in regards to the Del Rio Marketplace Project. Including elevation of exchange buildings, no balconies on the north elevation of Exchange Building 1, and landscaping that will not impede solar on neighboring buildings.

The council adopted the draft resolution approving a Conditional Use Permit Amendment, Tentative Parcel Map (AT22-0011), and EIR Addendum for the Del Rio Marketplace, with the amendments added.

The Integrated Waste Management Authority – Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement was also passed unanimously.

The next Atascadero City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 12, at 6 p.m.