ATASCADERO — As part of the City Council’s Key Priorities, the City of Atascadero has approved the Downtown District Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The project will include upgraded curb ramps, improved street surfacing, and striping. Construction will begin mid-September. The City will be coordinating with the contractor over the next couple of weeks and will be providing further details about the construction schedule.

This paving project will take place in two phases throughout the Downtown area. The first phase will begin mid-September and include removal and replacement of various curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The second phase is planned to begin in October and includes paving work on streets. Streets included in the Downtown paving project are Entrada, Traffic Way, Palma Ave., East and West Mall, Lewis Ave., Olmeda Ave., the city alleyways behind the West Mall and Entrada Avenue businesses and behind the Carlton Hotel, and the parking lot near the northwest corner of Palma and Traffic Way.

The City will work closely with the contractor on the construction schedule through the Downtown business area, so that the work is done efficiently and quickly during a key time of year for the retailers. The City will mitigate impact to businesses and will work to avoid key events and holiday shopping on popular streets like Entrada.


The City will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, September 14 at 8:15 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the Carlton Hotel (Ambrosia Room) for Downtown business, residents and property owners to learn more about the project. The City will provide ongoing communication to stakeholders with informational handouts, as well as, posts to social media. In addition, project updates will be provided on the City’s website at, including construction timelines and street locations.