ATASCADERO — In preparation for the 4th of July celebrations, Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services is reminding residents that fireworks are strictly prohibited within the City of Atascadero. Officials are emphasizing the need for a safe and legal holiday, particularly given the heightened risk of wildfires during this fire season.

Authorities are issuing a warning that individuals caught using or possessing fireworks, even those categorized as “safe and sane,” will face citation and fines. 

Misdemeanor violations carry potential penalties of both fines and imprisonment. Moreover, individuals responsible for starting fires using any type of fireworks will be held accountable for property damage and firefighting costs, potentially facing felony charges. Parents of juveniles found responsible for causing fires will also bear liability.


Due to the abundant vegetation resulting from a wet winter, the threat of wildfires remains at an unprecedented level. Chief Casey Bryson emphasizes the importance of community efforts to maintain fire safety throughout the 4th of July weekend and beyond.

Residents are advised to consult local regulations regarding the use of fireworks and to consider attending authorized public displays instead. Further information on permissible fireworks locations can be found here

Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services wishes the community a memorable 4th of July celebration while emphasizing the need for a common-sense, safe approach. They encourage anyone possessing fireworks to surrender them to the local fire department for proper disposal, without fear of penalty or prosecution.

For additional information or assistance, residents can contact Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services at (805) 461-5070 or reach out to their local fire agency.